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Willow ?

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2015 10:38 pm
by stevenx

It has been quite awhile since I last posted but used to speak to Willow quite abit and wondered how she is and if she is still about

Many thanks

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 12:38 am
by abi62824
I remember Willow too from when I was on here four years back... Can't see any recent posts from her in the chats on home page...

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2015 9:29 am
by qawraqueen
Hi Steven,
It's great to hear you are still around - hopefully CF. I used to pm Willow a lot but I know she slipped back and disappeared. I'd love to know how she is too.
You'll be glad to know that my "Wonky dating" turned into the love of my life and we're still together - 5 years in January. Seems like so long ago. xxx

Re: Willow ?

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:56 pm
by claire b
Great to hear!! Wonky xxx

Re: Willow ?

Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:10 am
by stevenx
Hi qawraqueen. It's been awhile but I keep coming on every now and again. Noticed you where still posting and read through some of your posts.

Glad your doing so well and happy and settled :)

Re: Willow ?

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 7:44 pm
by claire b
U ok Steven??

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Re: Willow ?

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 4:20 pm
by janie215
Hi - I too would like to know how Willow is - I used to speak to her regularly.

J xx

Re: Willow ?

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 8:29 am
by mark
My best suggestion would be to send her a PM as she has notify on new message enabled

Re: Willow ?

Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:07 pm
by stevenx
Anybody know if she is ok? Messaged her in June but no reply. Really worried :( x