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Closing Down!

Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 12:20 pm
by mark
An end to an era.

After nearly eleven years, Codeinefree is to close.

In February, we were approached by an advocate for Indivior who said she had funding to share between seven or so groups and how would we use it. We had meetings, explained how Codeinefree was closing and if funding was available, what we would use it for. We drafted up a proposal and submitted it.

It was duly rejected. Apparently they couldn't fund one of the things we were seeking funding for. This is when the first alarm bell went off. The second was when I was told how "Certain things couldn't be but in an email as we had to appear impartial". OK, It can't be put in an email but you can say it on the phone.
Serious concern but I was committed to going down this path.

The proposal was rewritten and resubmitted and again rejected. Apparently if they were the sole funder then they owned Codeinefree. Well that's crap as I contribute as do others. This is where I found out that the advocate didn't actually have any funds to allocate as it had to go through a three step approval process to which she wasn't a party to. I even asked about any published guidelines regarding this process but was told there aren't any.

Once again the proposal was rewritten and submitted before being rejected without reason. The story is that the "Outgoing" co-ordinator had without reason simply stopped accepting applications. Again, we were invited to reapply. We were asked to split it into two proposals and then told that the bank account we were using wasn't suitable.

All along this process we were to be introduced to other organizations which never happened. I was given excuses like "They're not happy with the outgoing secretariate" which for a time I believed. I also noticed that any approaches I made that mentioned Indivior landed on deaf ears. There's obviously a problem with credibility somewhere and I don't think it's with mine.

After four months of what feels like the cruelest hoax played on Codeinefree this charade is coming to an end and Codeinefree is closing. If it wasn't for the call recordings, I wouldn't be able to prove any of this.

I should take this opportunity to thank:-

The administrators and moderators of Codeinefree past and present. It could never have been what it was without you.

Dr Chris Ford and SMMGP. Your support and assistance have been invaluable.

Sheila Kelley, former chief exec PAGP. Thankyou for the support and funding.

And to everybody who have supported us, a big thankyou to you all.

Lastly, I would like to wish everybody my very best. May you succeed with your recoveries.

Kind regards,


Dear Mark

Thank you for submitting your request for a grant for the operation of CodeineFree.

Each year we receive many grant request and each application is reviewed objectively. Unfortunately not all projects can be funded.

Having considered the detailed proposal as provided, the medical team have concluded that your grant request cannot be supported.

Whilst this may be disappointing news for you, we wish you every success in your operation.

Kind regards


Zuber Mitchla
Legal/Medical Consultant

Indivior UK Limited
215 Bath Road

Re: Closing Down!

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2016 9:41 pm
by janie215
When is this happening?

Re: Closing Down!

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:36 am
by mark
Probably about 6 weeks time after I return from the USA.