Codeinefree - Media Policy

Here at Codeine Free our primary focus is to the visitors to this site who are here for genuine recovery reasons. We take the safety, security and wellbeing of our visitors seriously and actively do all we can to ensure this.

Any request for media assistance should initially be made via an email to We suggest you don't use a disposable email address (eg Hotmail or When approaching us, we require the following information before any request will be granted.

  • The name of the Paper or Magazine.
  • The name of the Journalist / Researcher who will be writing the piece.
  • An outline of the piece to be written.
  • Some on-line examples previously written by the Journalist / Researcher. Simply telling us to google a name is not sufficient.
Please note:-
  • Codeinefree will not provide case studies.
  • Codeinefree will only assist where the article strives to raise awareness of Codeine or Dihydrocodeine dependency.
  • Codeinefree will expect a donation towards its running costs.